How to mount TV on wall by TV wall mount ?

If you have a TV that you want to wall-mount, then there are a few things that you need to do in order to ensure that the process goes smoothly. In this blog post, we will cover how to mount TV on wall by TV wall mount. We will go over what tools you will need, as well as how to actually attach the TV wall mount to your television. By the end of this blog post, you should feel confident about mounting your TV on the wall by yourself! Let's get started!

How to measure your TV

Measuring your TV is essential if you're looking to find the right wall mount or stand for it. The process is simple but requires a few tools like a tape measure and level. Start by measuring the diagonal length of your TV, which should be clearly marked on its side. Next, measure the height and width of the actual screen in inches. These measurements are important when determining what wall mount or stand to buy, as most TVs come with their own mounting dimensions based on size. Make sure to record all of these specifications before you start shopping so you can easily find the perfect fit for your television!

The benefits of mounting your TV on the wall

Mounting your television on the wall is becoming increasingly popular in many households. This type of setup offers a unique way to elevate your viewing experience. Firstly, it creates a more roomy living space as it eliminates the need for bulky stands and other furniture that typically take up large amounts of floor space. Additionally, it exudes sophistication and gives off an aesthetically pleasing environment as opposed to having several lounge pieces of furniture around. Most importantly, mounting a TV on the wall keeps it away from small children who may not be able to reach it otherwise – preventing harm from coming to them or the cherished device. Enhancing one's home decor on top of improved safety makes mounting a television on the wall highly beneficial for both adults and kids alike.

How to find the studs on your wall

Knowing how to find the studs in a wall is an important skill to have when hanging artwork or shelving. Stud-finding tools are available from home improvement stores, but if you don't want to buy one you can use analog methods like knocking on the wall. Pay attention to the sound that your knuckles make, as it will be more solid when hitting a stud. Additionally, you can use a magnet with either a flat or round end. Dragging it over the wall will cause it to jump and stick when it passes over nails backing the drywall and securing the studs in place. If all else fails, try using just good old-fashioned intuition--studs are usually 16 inches apart from each other and run vertically along your walls!

How to mark the spot where you want to mount the TV

Mounting a television on the wall can not only free up space in the home, but it can also significantly upgrade your viewing experience. In order to install a television on the wall successfully, it is important to mark the spot correctly. Marking a spot for mounting can be done easily with masking tape and a pencil. First, using a measuring tape, measure the width of the TV and center the distance between two studs which will provide stability for the mount. Attach some pieces of masking tape on either side of the desired location, then use a pencil to mark off where you are going to hang your TV. If mounting directly onto drywall without hitting any studs, you may need to purchase specific drywall anchors dependent on the size and weight of your TV. Making sure you accurately mark off the spot ensure your television will be safely mounted and ready to be enjoyed!

How to drill pilot holes for the screws

Drilling pilot holes is an easy and necessary task for home projects such as furniture construction, wall hangings, and other DIY needs. The process requires a bit of knowledge and dexterity, but once the basics are understood it can become a regular part of your DIY skill set. To drill pilot holes, select the appropriate bit for the screws you’re using. Make sure to choose a bit size that is slightly smaller than that of the screws so that the screw can move easily through the hole. After drilling into wood or other material, use pliers to loosen any bits that may be left behind or tap lightly with a hammer if needed. For best results, be sure to keep your hands steady while drilling and maintain a consistent angle throughout the entire process. Taking these steps will ensure your project turns out perfect!

How to attach the mount to the wall

Attaching a mount to the wall is not as hard as it seems. It usually just requires basic tools, such as a tape measure, level, and drill. After finding the right spot on your wall, mark it with a pencil. Once all measurements are precise, predrill holes if necessary and use appropriate anchors and screws. Check that the mount is level, then tighten the screws fully to ensure proper security. That's all there is to it - you can enjoy your new mounted display piece in no time!


Now that you know how to measure for your TV, the benefits of mounting it on the wall and how to find the studs in your wall, marking the spot where you want to mount the TV, drilling pilot holes for screws, and attaching the mount to the wall – go out there and do it! Wall-mounted TVs not only give your home that certain “je ne sais quoi” but they are also practical. If you have young children or animals running around, wall-mounted TVs keep them safe from breakage and injury. And if you entertain often, having a television mounted on the wall keeps space open so guests can mingle comfortably without feeling like they’re crowded into one corner of the room. With all these added benefits, what are you waiting for? Go grab a drill and get started!

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