A Complete Guide On How To Connect Speakers To TV With Speaker Wire

How to connect speakers to TV with speaker wire? This article will provide you with detailed instructions, so anyone can follow. Click on it!

A Complete Guide On How To Connect Speakers To TV With Speaker Wire

TVs often come with built-in speakers, but sometimes they can't meet the listening needs of consumers. With music videos full of tunes or blockbuster movies, we need more than that. Home theater systems and external speakers were born to serve such cases.

So, how to hook up speakers to tv with speaker wire? Please follow these steps:

  • Find the audio-out jack on the back of the TV or cable box.

  • Plug the audio cable into the audio jack according to the corresponding color code.

  • Turn on your TV and test the speakers one by one.

For more details on each step, continue reading our article below!

Can You Connect The Speakers Directly To Your TV?

Home theater system (link)

Unfortunately, you can't. Most TVs do not support speaker output for direct connection to this unit as it will require an amplifier to provide sufficient power.

The good news is that you can still connect them to self-powered speakers or small external amplifiers via the audio output.

Your TV's output jack determines the speaker system and the type of cable you need to use. Most of them have digital optical/coaxial jacks, 3.5mm or RCA.

TVs that only include an HDMI jack will need an audio extractor that provides an RCA output jack for connection.

How Do TV Audio Outputs Work?

As we all know, TVs usually do not provide a port to connect directly to the speaker. They provide low-level analog or digital ports. These ports allow you to connect to your home stereo via cables.

When playing audio, the TV signal extracts the sounds and copies them to send to the built-in speakers and an external sound system.

Analog Output Vs. Digital Output

RCA jack for AV receiver (link)

Analog output is a common choice on most TV models. It allows users to connect to most audio amplifiers and speakers using RCA jacks or similar.

The common types of analog connection ports are:

  • RCA stereo jack: You can use it to connect powered speakers and home receivers with AUX inputs. There are two output ports on the left and right sides.

  • 3.5mm headphone size jack: Capable of connecting left, right, and ground signals.

On the other hand, the digital connection port is suitable for home audio devices with digital inputs. If you want to connect to other devices, you must convert the signal to analog form through a converter box.

Current types of digital connectors on the market include:

  • Coaxial digital outputs: These are frequently used to connect to home subwoofers.

  • Fiber optic jack: This TOSLINK type connector is widespread in the market for its affordable price.

How To Connect Speakers To TV With Speaker Wire

There are four main ways to get external speakers to play. Manipulating the steps will be similar, but the support tools will change to fit your current situation.

PC speakers (link)

Using A Computer Speaker

The easiest way to connect an audio system to a TV is to use computer speakers. They mostly use either the 5V USB power connection or the AC-DC plug with the included amp.

The connection port of these speakers is usually a 3.5mm stereo headset. So, you will need an RCA to 3.5mm converter cable if necessary.

Another plus of this solution is its highly affordable price. However, the price often goes hand in hand with quality. You'll want to look for a device that's capable of delivering the thickest, most melodic, and bass-rich sound.

The weakness of PC speakers is that the bass is hard to hear because of the tiny speaker cone.

Using An Amplifier As A Medium

Another method is to use a basic mini-amplifier and speakerphone. Usually, you will only need 5W or more per channel amp power. It is enough to listen to the average music and cinema channels.

Depending on your budget and financial situation, there are many choices on the market. You may only need one amplifier with 15W per channel to meet the needs.

You'll need to connect the amplifier to your TV's audio output using an RCA cable. In some cases, it will require a conversion to the 3.5mm jack. Most of these devices use AC-DC power in your wall outlet.

You just need to use a speaker wire to connect the amp to the speaker system as a final step.

Using A Stereo Receiver

Those who already have a stereo or home theater receiver will save a lot of time. These devices typically come with at least one pair of RCA auxiliary inputs. You won't have to overthink, just find the correct color code and connect.

Usually, there will be two red and white RCA ports. Your task is to connect the RCA jack in the correct color as specified. Most of the time, you can find them on the back of a TV or cable box.

In rare cases, they are located on the front of the receiver as an AUX device.

If your TV only has an analog output, take advantage of the digital input.

Using Digital Audio Outputs

If your television only has digital audio output, the solution will be a bit more complicated.

You will need one of the following two tools:

  • Digital to analog converter (RCA jack).

  • Audio device with digital input.

Using a digital-to-analog converter allows you to connect a TV that doesn't have an analog output (RCA or 3.5mm audio jack) to any device. It is super handy.

Essential Speaker Wire Connectivity

For your safety, learn how to properly connect your audio equipment to your television using speaker cables.

A primary speaker wire consists of two parts: positive (+) and negative (-). The TOSLINK/optical or RCA (-) type is another speaker wire connection. You can confuse them if you are not careful.

Confusion when exchanging negative and positive signals can damage your electronic equipment. So, check it thoroughly before turning on the device.

The markings on the ends of these wires are often challenging to spot. The best way to distinguish is by color: white and red.

If the speaker wire is the same color, look for a striped or dashed line. They usually have a contrasting shade to the color of the wire.

Speaker wire and connectors (link)

Different Types Of Speaker Wire Connectors

Speaker wires are usually bare. To expose the threads at the ends, you will need to use a stripper.

Whether your device uses a rope or a spring clamp, you should still twist the bare wires tightly so that they braid together like a single neat cord. If you want quick connection and polarity, look for speaker cables with separate connectors.

You can also purchase connectors separately to upgrade your wiring.

Pin connectors are the sturdiest and easiest to plug in. It is only compatible with spring clamp connectors.

Spade connectors and banana plugs are suitable for binding posts. The spade connector has a good hold even when you tighten the post. Meanwhile, the banana plug plugs straight into the connector hole.

Final Thoughts

Connecting the television to an external sound system will bring completely new experiences to listeners. It makes it easier to be immersed and emotional when watching a good movie or listening to a song.

There are many ways to connect, they have similar principles, but you need to be careful not to confuse them. Depending on your needs and budget, you should choose the most suitable option for you.

Thank you for reading!

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